Fun Activities That Teach Your Children About Sustainability!

Wondering how to begin teaching your kids about sustainability, recycling, and loving Mother Earth's precious resources? Learning about nature and sustainability doesn't have to be a boring topic for your kids! Make it fun and engaging through meaningful play!

Our featured parent/educator for this week is Ana Carolina de Carvalho, an amazing mom of 2 children and the creator of @craftybambini. Read about how she cultivates the love of learning with her kids using recyclable items and some activities that you can do with your kids to teach them about being green!

1. What inspires you?

Kids’ creativity inspires me. I love how much fun they can have with a simple piece of cardboard. There are so many ways to play and make craft using items from the recycle bin that there is no need for fancy tools to have fun and enjoy playtime. 

In a world of over consumption I think it’s important to teach our kids about sustainability and to show them that it is possible to have great fun using recycling items.

2. How did you get into creating kid's craft using recyclable items?

When I had my first daughter I read some articles about child development and learning through play and I decided to introduce some playdough, painting and drawing to her. I rapidly noticed her interest and all the progress she was making holding a pen and paint brushes, as well as developing her language. And I discovered that I loved spent time playing and interacting with her. So I started making all sort of activities at home like craft and sensory activities. Then I had my second daughter and continued making crafts and sensory activities with both kids and post on social media just to my family and friends.

Afterwards, all my friends kept encouraging me to create a page to inspire other parents out there. So @craftybambini was born in August 2020.

3. What can you use from your recycling bin?

> Cardboard Box Activity

This activity uses cardboard and egg carton. You can customize it a number of ways like adding in colored rice, pom poms and play dough!

> Egg Carton Activity

> Paper Roll Activity

> Nature and Art Activity

> Sensory Activity

Create this super easy sensory activity for your kids using colored rice, cotton wool, wooden spoons, bowls, painted egg cartons and toys your children have already.

> Cereal Box Activity

> Finally, anything else you might have to create the ultimate sensory board!

Using baby wipe lids, bubble wrap, cardboard, straws, fabric, sponges and plastic containers and bottle caps. 

Thank you for reading this week's blog! We appreciate this wonderful collaboration with Ana (@craftybambini) and for sharing her story with all of us. 

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